Celebrating our 50th anniversary in keeping with the MPA tradition and ethos of creative innovation, cultural learning, heritage exploration and lots of fun!

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The Mid Pennine Association for the Arts came into being in November 1966. This blog is dedicated to our project to explore the wealth of archive material amassed over our lifetime, which taken together present a rich history of cultural life in Pennine Lancashire over half a century. At present, the fascinating ephemera of posters, leaflets, publications, reports, photos, plans, documents, videos, artworks and memorabilia are somewhat haphazardly stored in our basement. Thanks to a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery, Sharing Heritage Fund and supported by the Stocks Massey Bequest Fund, this pilot archiving programme will begin the task of securing, organising and digitizing our records.  The project will also look to record oral histories with those involved over the years: staff; volunteers; trustees; artists and participants.

This blog aims to record and share the experience of the team working on this enormous, but we hope, hugely enjoyable task. If you have an Mid Pennine Arts story to share we’d love to hear it, please email us.

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