A Day with the King of the Scanner

IMG_2201 (comepressed)

With Cath busy elsewhere today it’s been myself (Melanie) and Calvin looking through boxes of posters.  Calvin’s been working with MPA on a Creative Placement as part of a scheme organised by Curious Minds.  His placement is nearing the end and, as he has become the go to man for scanning, we’re trying to get as many items scanned before he goes as possible.

Trouble is that it takes a long time.  It’s true that the scanning itself is quite time consuming, but most time is taken up with our tendency to get side-tracked by the posters.  Him by trying to figure out which decade they belong to – note to arts organisations, put the year on artifacts, it will make life much easier if you’re still around in 50 odd years or so!  Me by telling stories about the various artists, writers, theatre companies, musicians etc that the posters reveal MPA had in its past programme.  Calvin meets most of my stories with puzzled amusement, he’s not heard of very many of them, which is hardly surprising as even most of the posters are older than him!

temp photos for collage (compressed)

If you’ve ever worked with MPA, as a staff member, freelancer, trustee or volunteer, we’d love to welcome you into the MPA Alumni group on Facebook.  Link HERE.

Jack in the beanstalk ft. wipsa the wizard


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